director / author / producer

author, director, language coaching, music & light design, producer

"buch der taten" (poster from the class presentation)


/if we could look back from the future to the present, what are the actions we could have taken to prevent our world from becoming a dystopia?

/can we write a book that can be read in the past?

/is the feeling of powerlessness a sign of our times? and where does it come from?




visual art/stage/costume      Anna Lauryssen, Valerie Ludwig

dramaturgy                                 Jona Castelein

speaking choir
                          Kyra Kay van de Watering, Armin Dorrani, Josephine Arendsen, Simon Kleinhesselink

ta                                                     Clara van Bragt


presentations                             april 16th 2024, 01:30pm and 06:00pm, at Toneelacademie Maastricht


videos available on request


director, music & light design, producer



/by examining the grounds of a place, where there has been a wall, can i become this wall? can i melt into it‘s old frame? how would it feel to be this wall, carrying everything above?

/can i empower a space by asking myself: where would this space want me to stay? here, in it‘s corner? or there, on the side?

/what lies hidden in these little cracks on the wooden floor? can i reach deep enough through them to find the building’s history?


stage/costume design          Bonnie Verhoeven

choreography                          Bi Hongshan

performer                                  Helena Linnert-Fuller


presentations                          february 2nd and 3rd 2024, 07:00pm, at Neuer Markt 1, 1010 Wien


videos available on request




"de presidentes in de kelder" (with texts from "de presidentes", Werner Schwab)


/how do some people fear 'the cellar', while it is a room of freedom and self expression to others?


/does the place of living determine where people hide their secrets?


/do right-wing extremist opinions only appeal to right-wing extremist people? or does everyone, my best friends, my grandma, even I myself need to examine and reflect my own potential of holding right-wing extremist opinions?



stage/costume design        Jill Gielkens

actresses                                  Ezri den Outer, Floor Burdack


presentations                         december 12th 2023, 02:00pm, at Toneelacademie Maastricht


video available on request


co-director, co-stage-designer, co-costume-designer

together with Floor Burdack

"baar me beton"


with texts from         "bloedbad" (Gustav Ernst)


actors/actresses      Jip Boschma, Adhem Kouta, Zippora Peters, Emilio Pramatarov, Joseph                                                             JoJo Risamasu, Birsu Tamer


presentations           february 14th 2023, 05:30pm and 07:30pm, at Toneelacademie Maastricht





director, stage-designer, costume-designer

together with Luuk Bellemakers, Floor Burdack, Jona Castelein,

Irene Hogervorst, Siem Steinmann, Ben Verwegen, Fenna Vissers

"de zaak antigone"


with texts from           Antigone - Sofokles / Antigone - Jean Anouil / Zus van - Lot Vekemans


actors/actresses        Luuk Bellemakers, Floor Burdack, Jona Castelein, Irene Hogervorst,

                                          Siem Steinmann, Ben Verwegen, Fenna Vissers, Juri Zanger


presentations             20th of december 2022, 12:00am and 02:30pm,

                                          at Toneelacademie Maastricht




photos (first six from a scene directed by me, last three from a scene in which I played):

director, producer and author of the shortfilm



synopsis                        the short film "MAX" tells the story of a teenager who tries to overcome a

                                          childhood trauma


actors/actresses        Simon Maria Kubiena, Silvia Schwinger, Hemma Clementi, Phillip Bauer, Emil

                                          de Cillia, Kilian Berger


links                                for the trailer, click here

                                          for the film, click here (password upon request)