director / author / producer


"mars en de beer"

/ how to break free from the legacy and internalization of male violence?


/ what could a future without patriarchy look like? what might it smell like, feel like, sound like?

/ what does your dream image of the masculinities of the future look like?





stage and costume design                   Thijs Haesen, Luna Musch

technology and light design               Tyrell Bergwijn, Leander Helmich, Herik Karsten, Mitchel Terlouw
production                                                 Roos Harinarain

dramaturgy advice and fotos             Petra van Dijk

directional advice                                   Mara van Vlijmen

writing advice                                           Jibbe Willems
design advice                                            Ibbe de Bruin

performers and music                         
Zon Donze, Daan Hogervorst, Duco Ouwendijk, Bryce van Eijk, Roos van Norden


presentations                                           june 19th 2024, 11:00am and 08:30pm, at MBO Theaterschool Rotterdam

                                                                        june 20th 2024, 02:00pm and 06:40pm, at MBO Theaterschool Rotterdam
                                                                        june 26th 2024, 01:10pm, at Toneelacademie Maastricht


videos available on request


author, director, language coaching, music & light design, producer

"buch der taten" (poster from the class presentation)


/ if we could look back from the future to the present, what are the actions we could have taken to prevent our world from becoming a dystopia?

/ can we write a book that can be read in the past?

/ is the feeling of powerlessness a sign of our times? and where does it come from?




visual art/stage/costume      Anna Lauryssen, Valerie Ludwig

dramaturgy                                 Jona Castelein

speaking choir
                          Kyra Kay van de Watering, Armin Dorrani, Josephine Arendsen, Simon Kleinhesselink

ta                                                     Clara van Bragt


presentations                             april 16th 2024, 01:30pm and 06:00pm, at Toneelacademie Maastricht


videos available on request


director, music & light design, producer



/ by examining the grounds of a place, where there has been a wall, can i become this wall? can i melt into it‘s old frame? how would it feel to be this wall, carrying everything above?

/ can i empower a space by asking myself: where would this space want me to stay? here, in it‘s corner? or there, on the side?

/ what lies hidden in these little cracks on the wooden floor? can i reach deep enough through them to find the building’s history?


stage/costume design          Bonnie Verhoeven

choreography                          Bi Hongshan

performer                                  Helena Linnert-Fuller


presentations                          february 2nd and 3rd 2024, 07:00pm, at Neuer Markt 1, 1010 Wien


videos available on request




"de presidentes in de kelder" (with texts from "de presidentes", Werner Schwab)


/ how do some people fear 'the cellar', while it is a room of freedom and self expression to others?


/ does the place of living determine where people hide their secrets?


/ do right-wing extremist opinions only appeal to right-wing extremist people? or does everyone, my best friends, my grandma, even I myself need to examine and reflect my own potential of holding right-wing extremist opinions?



stage/costume design        Jill Gielkens

actresses                                  Ezri den Outer, Floor Burdack


presentations                         december 12th 2023, 02:00pm, at Toneelacademie Maastricht


video available on request


co-director, co-stage-designer, co-costume-designer

together with Floor Burdack

"baar me beton"


with texts from         "bloedbad" (Gustav Ernst)


actors/actresses      Jip Boschma, Adhem Kouta, Zippora Peters, Emilio Pramatarov, Joseph                                                             JoJo Risamasu, Birsu Tamer


presentations           february 14th 2023, 05:30pm and 07:30pm, at Toneelacademie Maastricht





director, stage-designer, costume-designer

together with Luuk Bellemakers, Floor Burdack, Jona Castelein,

Irene Hogervorst, Siem Steinmann, Ben Verwegen, Fenna Vissers

"de zaak antigone"


with texts from           Antigone - Sofokles / Antigone - Jean Anouil / Zus van - Lot Vekemans


actors/actresses        Luuk Bellemakers, Floor Burdack, Jona Castelein, Irene Hogervorst,

                                          Siem Steinmann, Ben Verwegen, Fenna Vissers, Juri Zanger


presentations             20th of december 2022, 12:00am and 02:30pm,

                                          at Toneelacademie Maastricht




photos (first six from a scene directed by me, last three from a scene in which I played):

director, producer and author of the shortfilm



synopsis                        the short film "MAX" tells the story of a teenager who tries to overcome a

                                          childhood trauma


actors/actresses        Simon Maria Kubiena, Silvia Schwinger, Hemma Clementi, Phillip Bauer, Emil

                                          de Cillia, Kilian Berger


links                                for the trailer, click here

                                          for the film, click here (password upon request)