Connecting Perceptions

connecting perceptions is a developing collective and a platform.

within the collective, there are the following branches.


theater- and movement-performances

we are currently searching for members of our team. in the end, we plan to be a director, a producer, a choreographer, a dramaturg, a scenographer, a costume designer, a light designer, and an intern. we want to work with a network of around 100 performers that work in our projects around the world. most of the projects should be outside the "black box", in locations that are not usually used as theatrical venues. for example, a submarine, a bunker, the top of a building, a volcano, a big spaceship, the cliffs of moher, or the sun.



artistic research

/can i empower a space by asking myself: where would this space want me to stay? here, in it‘s corner? or there, on the side?

/when does a shared space between a performer and the audience feel uncomfortable/dangerous, and when comfortable/safe? how is movement possible that surprises but does not threaten?
/if I "break" space through costume or scenography, what rules for the magic of these objects/substances do I create? how/when do I break them?

/where does the onset of movement for a performer come from? why does a performer keep moving/need to move?
/where is a performer in the doing of a performative action? what is his/her/their relationship to the own quest?

/when does an audience feel, that a performer is breathing against their space? when are they experiencing a "breathing together"?



intended social and political impact
we want to ask the question of a concrete utopia of living together. a world of tolerance, solidarity, equal opportunities, social justice, environmental awareness, democracy and a new ecological, humanitarian and development policy. above all, a new sensitivity in dealing with each other in order to fundamentally reshape relationships.


what relationships to oneself, to other people and to the world around us are possible? how do we create a radical recombination of pre-existing elements (formulated according to bini adamczak)? how do we create a truly new world without destroying it through ourselves because we are still the old ones? and how do we ourselfs change in a world that always seems to be the same?


we want to promote exchange with professionals from the arts, science and politics and non-professionals. together, we want to come together and dream about connection, love, way of sustainable living, body, movement, solidarity, public space and time, unlearning and learning.


the practical realisation of utopias in movement, language and music that were previously constructed together in thought should be tried out in experiments.


playground saturday

we would love to invite interdisciplinary art professionals to a monthly "playground saturday", in which we come together to "jam". As jazz musicians, we want to improvise, play and create next to or with each other. this would be considered a service to the artists that are participating.