Connecting Perceptions

What I currently want to deal with in this association is the question of a concrete utopia of living together. What relationships to oneself, to other people and to the world around us are possible? How do we create a radical recombination of pre-existing elements (formulated according to Bini Adamczak)? How do we create a truly new world without destroying it through ourselves because we are still the old ones? And how do we change in a world that always seems to be the same?

With my association, I want to promote artistic, scientific and political exchange on these questions. I want to create spaces of possibility in which different perspectives and views can meet. And finally, the practical realisation of utopias that were previously constructed together in thought should be tried out in experiments.

The association sees itself as an artistic-political association. Our projects clearly stand against neoliberal capitalism, against an imperial way of life, against patriarchal structures and nationalist geopolitics. And they want to stand up for basic and human rights, tolerance, solidarity, equal opportunities, social justice, environmental awareness and a new ecological, humanitarian and development policy. Above all, however, the projects are about exploring a new sensitivity in dealing with each other in order to fundamentally reshape the most diverse relationships.