director, producer and author of the theatre-performance

"Героям Слава [Den Helden Ehre]"

photo: © Max Wagner


- a multi-layered journey of experience to Ukraine -
A war had been raging in eastern Ukraine for 7 years and no one knew about it. Until the escalation in 2022, armoured cars constantly patrolled the borders and many of the population had to watch their loved ones being torn from their lives. How could this war have been overlooked in Europe and why was it kept silent for so long?

The answer to the question depends on who you ask. 

That is why we are drawing on more than 47 biographies of people connected to the war and looking at their perspectives on this question. In an open theatre performance, young people will negotiate these views from different perspectives. 

This will be accompanied by a techno-rave and an Ukrainian buffet. We want to create a multi-layered and trilingual experiential journey to Ukraine, at the end of which we will include an open discourse with our audience and invited experts.


More info coming soon...

director, producer and author of the shortfilm




film (password upon request)


the short film "MAX" tells the story of a teenager
who tries to overcome a childhood trauma

producer of the musicvideo to the song

"Killer" of Laura Heily

director: Soraya Szendi